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The Animal Hospital of South Gorham Veterinary Pharmacy stock different varieties and different strengths of medications to fulfill the pharmaceutical needs of animals. Because the needs of animals as well as the regulations on veterinary medicine are often very different from those related to people, veterinary pharmacy is often kept separate from regular pharmacies.   Although you have the option of purchasing your medicines at stores (and online stores) across the country, there are a few good reasons to purchase from a local veterinarian.

Quality: Veterinary medicine often includes treating your pets with medications.  By purchasing locally you make sure that only high-quality medications are dispensed to your pet.

Warranty: Some pet medications come with a warranty from the manufacturer.  Purchasing your meds from a veterinarian is part of a comprehensive treatment plan. Should the medicines not work as expected the manufacturers often assist financially in treatment costs. This right is waived when buying from 3rd party sources.

Preventatives for...

Dogs, Cats, Ferrets, and More. Ask us about flea prevention for other species (e.g. rabbits, pocket pets, etc.) in the case of a household infestation.



Flea and tick prevention should begin in March and continue through December.  Heartworm prevention should begin in April and continue through December (Considering recent warming trends, some owners continue year-round treatment).



Heartworm prevention (no routine testing) is strongly recommended for all cats April through December.  4% of cats are exposed to this disease, it is a common cause of asthma type symptoms, and sudden, fatal arrhythmias.  There is no difference in the incidence of disease in indoor versus outdoor cats.  Flea and tick prevention is the same as in dogs.



Should be on heartworm prevention (similar to dogs).

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