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Avian Influenza Fall 2022

According to Dr. Michele Walsh (Maine State veterinarian), a resurgence of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) is expected this fall. It is extremely contagious and has a very high mortality rate. The particular strain that caused problems earlier this year, favors cooler, damp conditions. Contrary to the behavior of previous wild avian influenza strains, this influenza is likely to have survived the summer in wild anserine (duck and goose) populations. It is expected to multiply as environmental conditions become more favorable and, subsequently, be spread by migratory birds.

Please consider, again, eliminating chicken flock access to the outdoors. To contain further outbreaks, it is recommended that any birds with respiratory illness isolate in place. As of 9/2/2022, a turkey flock in Minnesota has been confirmed HPAI positive, and more are suspected to be affected due to this second wave of influenza virus.

Please increase your biosecurity to help protect your beloved birds.

Change of Season for Exotic Pets

Many of us own animals that are not adapted to Maine’s climate. The transition from summer to fall can expose exotic species to dramatic temperature changes. As humans, many of us look forward to the cooler evenings that precede the need for centrally heating our homes. This is an excellent time to remember to supplement the heat in your pet’s habitat BEFORE it experiences additional stress. Make sure you use “clinical grade” (extremely accurate) thermometers or temperature probes. Poikilotherms (cold-blooded animals) are at particular risk. Your pet will appreciate your efforts.

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