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Surgical Services

No matter what the surgical need of your pet, all patients are monitored by EKG. Our staff assesses pulse quality, blood oxygenation, and respiration. We perform routine pre-anesthetic testing (CBC and chemistry panel) and pain injections are standard. Your animal may receive fluid therapy through an IV catheter. A trained hospital/surgical technician will remain with your pet until they are fully awake, and you will receive a phone call after surgery. Our veterinarians are extremely conscientious about updating owners regarding their pets status. All surgeries are performed aseptically, antibiotics are rarely necessary.

Spay or Neuter

Patients admitted for spay are placed under general anesthesia for surgery and are hospitalized over night. They are provided with adequate pain management as well as the monitoring and treatments listed above. While sedated, we recommend an x-ray of your dog’s hips for evaluation of conformation. This will identify candidates for corrective procedures, and make owners aware of their dog’s potential for future problems with hip dysplasia.

Mass Removal

A variety of growths/masses can be removed from skin, eyelids, lips, etc. as needed. Owners may opt to send samples for pathological diagnosis. Monitoring and fluid therapy is as listed above.

Exploratory Surgery

Should it be deemed necessary, we offer exploratory surgery for the purpose of biopsies, foreign body removal, evaluation of internal organs, removal of certain cancers, and several other conditions. Monitoring and treatments are as listed above. Adequate pain and antibiotic medications are provided.

Surgical Services: Services
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